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Car Glass Repair

If you live around the Glendale area of Los Angeles, then you are definitely aware of the awesome weather that we enjoy throughout most of the year. In addition to the more than 270 sunny days that we see on average, our area of the country also features one of the mildest climates around with much of our rain coming in the winter months of the year. Unfortunately, with all of the nice weather that we enjoy, there are some pitfalls such as large amounts of branches, rocks, and other materials that collect on our busy highways and freeways that can do some nice damage to the auto glass of your vehicle. If you find yourself in need of a car glass repair or replacement services, Valley Mobile Tinting is here to take care of your needs. Our company has been in business for more than 20 years, and we provide the full range of auto glass repair and replacement services for our customers. Our mobile repair teams are trained, licensed, and certified to work on your automobile, and we provide a full warranty on all work that we do for our client that is good for the lifetime of your ownership of the automobile.

Our customer service rating is in the top of all auto glass companies in the SoCal area, and you will never be disappointed with our quality of work whether we are repairing the glass, or you are getting a tinting job done. When customers first approach the friendly staff at Valley Mobile Tinting about pursuing an auto glass repair, they commonly want to put off the repair as long as possible. We will encourage you to let our staff help you stop the damage from growing as soon as possible so that you can avoid a more expensive auto glass replacement service later by not addressing the damage as soon as you can.

We have also found during our time in business that many of the major insurance companies will also want you to get the glass fixed before it becomes a bigger issue and will waive your auto insurance deductible in order to cover the damage. When you use Valley Mobile Tinting, we will help you determine if your carrier will do this for you, and many times we are successful in saving our customers out of pocket money to get a glass repair accomplished. Even if we are not able to get your deductible waived, our glass repair prices are some of the most competitive in the area.

When you are looking for the best company in Southern California that shows up when looking for auto glass repair near me that has a reputation for customer service, you need to look no further than Valley Mobile Tinting to help take care of your needs. We have consistently ranked in the top for quality and customer service throughout the city of Los Angeles. Our staff loves to answer any questions that you might have for our team, and we don’t believe in any question being too small to ask us. Please give us a call today for a free estimate, and you will not be disappointed in making our team your number one choice for auto glass services.

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